Cash Global Community (CGC)

The world's first hybrid investment ecosystem consisting of investors, experts and partner projects based on Blockchain technology, Artificial Intelligence and the network economy.

Cash Global Community (CGC)

The CGC ecosystem is based on the cryptocurrency coin CGC, which connects projects into a single network and increases the profit of partners in trade, finance, real estate, precious metals mining and jewelry, high-tech manufacturing, cellular communications and telecommunications, eSports, gambling, global financial and trade cooperation.

Partners are investors and experts of the CGC ecosystem can create a value many times higher than their initial contribution. Thanks to the financial and technical interconnection of projects and the replacement of centralized intermediaries (banks, exchanges, depositories, trading corporations, investment funds, insurance companies, etc.) by a community of experts who manage network business structures and trade in derivative financial assets using artificial intelligence.



Cash Global Community is a community of like-minded people united by the goal of creating and managing assets that provide an opportunity for high income and self-realization in the network economy for any person.


In Cash Global Community, any participant is a partner who has the right to vote and can offer their project for discussion and launch by the Community of investors and experts.


All decisions on the coordination of individual opinions of investors, experts, and entrepreneurs (project founders) are made by Artificial Intelligence, which provides time savings, fair valuation of assets, and optimal, high-yield strategies for project implementation. Financial solutions of Artificial intelligence in CGC are controlled by special smart contracts.

Bonus system

Cash Global Community allows all partners to earn money thanks to a balanced and well-thought-out bonus system with various levels and types of rewards that meet the expectations of each partner and their readiness to develop the network ecosystem as a co-investor and expert (entrepreneur or project manager, technologist, securities Issuer, trader, appraiser, escrow agent, etc.).

Our project

Cash Global Community

The CGC investment platform represents expertise, impeccable AI logic, and a self-developing community of high-yield projects.

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