About us

Cash Global Community is a unique project of a global decentralized Community of partners-investors and experts, which is managed on the principles of a network economy, using Artificial Intelligence and a system of smart contracts concluded between Community partners.

The goal of the team's digital Platforms Cash Global Community to start such invest-the ecosystem that once activated to offline, on the principles of decentralized, self-developing and self-organizing structures of the Community, creating and enhancing value for partners through coherent implementation of network projects under a single financial and technological chain.

In such an Autonomous social and financial architecture of the CGC Community, important decisions are made by the majority of partners taking into account the recommendations of Artificial Intelligence, and all financial issues are controlled by a special smart contract, in order to avoid the human factor in the work of a separate project or the activities of the CGC investment ecosystem as a whole.

Key members of the CGC investment ecosystem Platform team are experts, candidates and doctors of science with fundamental technical and economic knowledge, with many years of practical experience in Economics and Finance, and experience in the successful implementation of digital projects.


Over the past 5 years of active research and application, the CGC Platform team has made a powerful breakthrough in creating digital products for working in the financial and cryptocurrency markets using Artificial Intelligence.

Forming a team:

The main part of the CGC Platform team was formed in 2014-2015. However, a significant part of the ideas and technologies implemented on the CGC investment ecosystem Platform were derived from the 20-year experience of the team's experts in the Russian and global stock markets.



Creating a prototype of a trading program based on direct algorithms. The concept-the idea of creating a neural network for cryptocurrency trading.

Alpha version:

Alpha version of trading systems and initialization of neural network training on world stock markets.



Beta testing and open testing of robotic trading programs.


Platform development::

Development of an investment platform and integration with trading systems. The stage of Artificial Intelligence training for CGC targets has been completed. Unique smart contracts have been developed that provide control over decisions made by Artificial Intelligence on the distribution of financial flows. Implementation of digital projects.